Government & Public Safety

Police, fire, education, social services, code enforcement.

Serving the public means more than responding to needs in a timely and effective way. It also means being responsible with allocated funds and meeting tight budgets. When it comes to fleet management, NexTraq makes it easy for government agencies and public safety officials to do both.

Improve your decision-making with solutions that allow you to track vehicles in real time, be flexible when responding to routing challenges, and receive alerts and metrics that can head off any costly maintenance problems and fuel waste.

GPS vehicle tracking, overlaid with NexTraq mapping technology, allows you to put vehicles where you need them, when you need them there:

  • By knowing where all your vehicles are, you can reduce response time by sending the vehicle closest to the site – especially good in an emergency.
  • Reroute vehicles based on up-to-date traffic and weather reports, saving time and fuel.
  • See the availability of employees and changes in job status in real time with the NexTraq® Job Schedule Board.

Get the data you need to make fleet management easier.

Real-time alerts and comprehensive reporting and metrics give you all the information you need. Proactively manage maintenance and costs and meet all accountability and compliance requirements:

  • Monitor speed, braking and idling time to make sure drivers are safe and productive.
  • Trust NexTraq® Engine Diagnostics and the NexTraq® Vehicle Maintenance Module to automate maintenance schedules.
  • See what’s working and what needs help to improve efficiency with Fleet Status Goals.
  • Compare expected versus actual fuel consumption with Fuel Efficiency Reports.
  • Manage driver hours and inspections with NexTraq® Elogs for FMCSA compliance with the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate.

NexTraq geofencing technology, powered by GoogleTM Maps, can also protect government vehicles from misuse or theft, safeguarding you against liability issues, possible increases in insurance premiums and the risk of damaged property.


“These vehicles are in service for several years. We need to track them, route them, and maintain them.”