Oil, Gas & Mining

Drilling, pumping, digging, refining.

For the oil, gas, and mining industry, drivers and equipment can be in some very remote locations. So effectively managing your team, as well as your machinery and vehicles, can pose some real challenges. But with fleet management solutions from NexTraq, including our mobile apps, the miles separating you from your people and equipment won’t impair your visibility.

NexTraq allows you to track everything from the location of equipment to weather and traffic. And we can also help you monitor driver behavior and driver hours to ensure you’re protecting your crews and your business.

With asset tracking and geofencing and mapping, even in the harshest conditions, you can always be sure of where your vehicles and equipment are, how they’re being used, and the conditions crews may be facing:

  • Cellular asset tracking and satellite asset tracking keep you up to date on location to protect your investments in bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, backhoes, and more.
  • Geofencing technology, powered by GoogleTM Maps, enables you to create virtual boundaries so you’re alerted when crew members and vehicles arrive and depart the site, allowing you to monitor hours and the authorized use of equipment.
  • Advanced mapping, also powered by GoogleTM Maps, can provide you with satellite views, terrain images, zip codes, county boundaries, and weather to keep you and your people on site prepared for what’s ahead.

NexTraq® Solar Asset Tracker is a superior choice for use within virtually every industry. Certified by the U.S. Department of Defense for use in the harshest conditions, this intrinsically-safe device features a built-in solar panel to ensure battery life for up to eight years.

  • Easy to install and does not require harnesses, external power source or antennas.
  • Several months of battery life from full charge.
  • Solar-recharging battery promotes long-term deployment in the field (up to eight years).
  • Rugged design and construction suitable for use in both moderate and harsh environments.
  • Creating geofences and configuring alerts from the NexTraq web portal is fast and simple.
  • Intrinsically-safe for applications within the oil and gas industry.

Monitoring driver behavior and hours.

Keeping your drivers safe, and those around them, is good business. You want to:

  • Do everything to prevent accidents
  • Reduce the possibility of liability and claims
  • Comply with government and industry regulations

To help you, NexTraq offers a number of solutions:

  • NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard and Driver Training hold drivers accountable for excessive speeding and braking, and can train them to be aware of aggressive driving and distracted driving
  • NexTraq® Elogs help you manage driver hours for FMCSA compliance with the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate and record driver-vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) electronically

Share data no matter where you are.

No matter the distance between you and the crews, vehicles, and equipment you’re managing, NexTraq® ConnectTM is the mobile app that puts everything within easy reach. Now you and your people on site can use their smartphones and tablets to:

  • Share vehicle information and any maintenance issues
  • Record hours and attendance data to better manage time
  • View job information and status to improve service

“It’s the ability to track things like our mobile pumps and generators that’s a big help. And routing capabilities that keep us on roads we’re allowed to travel is important.”