Enterprise & Rental Fleet

Corporate cars and vehicles, rental vehicles and equipment.

Whether managing your company’s fleet of vehicles or keeping track of a fleet of rentals, you need information to keep you up to date on who has your vehicles, where they are and how they’re performing. NexTraq offers solutions that not only provide the data, but also can help you analyze and use it to take the actions necessary to keep your operations running smoothly.

Easily keep track of your vehicles and their drivers with NexTraq:

  • Cloud-based fleet tracking offers visibility just the way you want it.
  • See the location of all your vehicles or just one whenever you want.
  • Automatic Driver Assignment enables you to verify the right driver is with the right vehicle with the use of a dedicated key fob.

With the addition of NexTraq geofencing, you can add another layer of security when monitoring your fleet. Powered by GoogleTM Maps, this technology gives you the ability to create virtual boundaries at any location:

  • Be alerted when vehicles leave and enter a pre-set area.
  • Prevent the unauthorized use of vehicles after hours or without permission.
  • Minimize the risk of stolen or lost vehicles by pinpointing locations for the police.

Be a virtual back-seat driver.

When you’re responsible for managing company cars and trucks, you also want to know that those driving the vehicles marked with your logo are being safe and minding the rules of the road. NexTraq has solutions to help you protect your drivers, your reputation, and your bottom line:

  • NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard – Hold your drivers accountable for reckless speeding, braking and cornering.
  • NexTraq® Online Driver Education – Reduce the chances of aggressive driving or distracted driving, and promote fuel-efficient driving.

Accurate reporting, actionable data.

Having data is good, but being able to put it to real use is even better. NexTraq provides real-time alerts, along with reporting capabilities and detailed metrics, to make fleet management more efficient and more effective:

  • Get reports by vehicle, group, or the whole fleet delivered directly to you.
  • Keep maintenance costs in check with reminders of upcoming and overdue service.
  • Compare expected versus actual fuel consumption with Fuel Efficiency Reports.
  • Integrate all of the data you need with simple import and export with your back-office systems for seamless analysis.


“There are hundreds of vehicles in this fleet. Not only can we locate them on a map, our fleet managers get notified when maintenance is due or a Check Engine light comes on.”