Construction & Heavy Equipment

Dump trucks, vans, earthmovers, trailers, generators.

Big machinery carries with it big costs, so you want to ensure you’re protecting your investment in your crew and your equipment. NexTraq offers solutions that can increase safety, keep tabs on your vehicles and equipment, and reduce potential problems that could put a dent in your bottom line.

The last thing your business needs is a reckless driver who can have a serious effect on safety on the road or at a jobsite. Protect your business and protect your brand when you monitor driver behavior. Avoid accidents and the costs associated with them:

  • A drop in productivity
  • The risk of fines and penalties
  • An increase in insurance premiums
  • Harm to your hard-earned reputation

NexTraq can help correct these problems and give you the peace of mind you deserve:

  • NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard – Hold your drivers accountable for reckless speeding, braking and cornering.
  • NexTraq® Online Driver Education – Reduce the chances of aggressive driving or distracted driving, and promote fuel-efficient driving.

Track assets wherever they are.

With the money you have invested in your equipment and crews, you also want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, and that you’re protecting valuable assets. NexTraq offers these solutions:

  • Using cellular asset tracking and satellite asset tracking, NexTraq can tell you exactly where your equipment is and reduce the risk of it being stolen. Our asset tracking can be used for forklifts, backhoes, bulldozers, cranes, trailers, generators, and more.
  • Combine this with NexTraq geofencing, powered by GoogleTM Maps, sends you alerts when a piece of equipment is moved outside a designated perimeter.

This same geofencing can be used to tell you when vehicles have arrived and when they leave a jobsite, creating a virtual timecard, logging actual time on the job.


“It’s a big help when it comes to staying on top of oil changes and routine maintenance. And if something gets stolen, I can tell the police where to find it.”