Fleet Tracking Benefits for the Government Sector

How GPS fleet tracking can help you balance your budget.

Balancing Your Budget and Increasing Fleet Efficiency

While the economy is said to be improving, budget cuts and reduced funding are still hitting government agencies hard.

Government Pressures Piling Up

When your employees spend most of their time on the road, not having the ability to efficiently monitor their driving behavior can be a huge risk for your organization.

GPS Fleet Tracking Technology: Maintaining a Successful Organization

By providing your drivers with the necessary tools to improve fleet efficiency, you can boost employee morale and increase worker productivity.

Put NexTraq to Work for Your Government Agency

Effective information and reporting is crucial when your employees are working out in the field. Government agencies from utilities, public safety, school buses, and others selected NexTraq in part because it provides more than 27 reports and 17 alerts. With the Idle Report, you can see which vehicles are idling and how much money it’s costing you. The Maintenance Schedule Detail Report allows you to keep track of routine maintenance, prolonging the life of your vehicles. With Speed Alerts, you can receive instant notifications when your drivers are exceeding the posted speed limit of a roadway or your own user-defined thresholds. With reporting and alert functionality, you can gain a better grasp on all aspects of your fleet operations.

NexTraq is dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and reliable government solution on the market, so you can be proud of your purchase.


For more information on how NexTraq can help you optimize managing your government-owned vehicles, call 800-358-6178.

“We saw results quickly. As an organization, we have virtually eliminated unauthorized vehicle use while increasing our fleet’s efficiency and decreasing fuel costs.”

Chip Hiebler
Senior Project Manager
Baltimore County