Mobile workforce management is simple with NexTraq®

Here’s how NexTraq can help you remotely lead your team to success.

Every workday poses its own unique challenges. Access to information and the flexibility to direct your teams in the field is key to success.

NexTraq® customers overcome the unexpected obstacles throughout the workday. As a result, they’re getting even more from their vehicles, drivers, and teams:

  • Assess the situation: See job status changes in real time with the NexTraq® View™ app.
  • Communicate the problem: Provide updated information throughout the day to your team.
  • Find your team: Locate and dispatch the closest vehicles and mobile assets to any given job.
  • Lead the way: Send optimized routes to Garmin® devices or the NexTraq® Connect™ app.

With NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking and mobile apps, you’re always a few taps on your smartphone away from checking the pulse of your business.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of everything NexTraq has to offer.