I’m Shawn Jeffers with RooterPLUS! Plumbing & Septic. We’re based out of Cumming, GA. I’m the Environmental Manager over the septic division.

We started with NexTraq 10 plus years ago with approximately 20 vehicles. And now, 10 plus years down the road, we have 75 units in our fleet. That includes tractors, jetters, trailers and the vehicles that we drive and tankers and all of that. So, we’ve over tripled in size.

We’re always looking at NexTraq to see where the guys are, what they’re doing. I’ll set up mine so I can just look at my septic trucks to see where they’re at and what they’re doing. But I can also look at the plumbing vans, I can look at the jetters that we have, I can look at the tractors that we have, I can look at the trailers that we have to see where they’re at.

We have all of our vehicles numbered and they’re paired with the technician that is driving it. So, I can look at van #38 and see that so-and-so is driving it so I’ll know who to call.

It’s easy. It’s on a big map that you can scale in and scale out. You can zoom to a street if you need to see where they’re at. I’ll search an address and there’s a function that shows the five closest vehicles to that address. Then, it will tell me how many miles they are from that address.

NexTraq is going to help you follow your people, show you where they’re at and optimize your day. Because you can see that Joe is in Atlanta at 14th Street, I have a call on 16th Street—he’s the closest one so let’s send him to that call next.

It’s a combination of NexTraq and the people that you have in the office. Making sure that they’re helping the guys stay on point to get them to the jobs.

NexTraq takes a lot of the guesswork out of your day-to-day operations.