Integrated NexTraq-MPulse Solution Simplifies Vehicle Maintenance, Improves Uptime



Brothers Paving & Concrete needed to find a better way to stay on top of planned vehicle maintenance and repairs. This required moving from a paper-based system to a CMMS.


  • Fewer errors due to manual data entry
  • Reduces data input redundancy
  • Faster response times to maintenance problems
  • Near real-time monitoring of critical data
  • The ability to grow with changing technologies


Since 1985, Brothers Paving & Concrete has provided expert services in all areas of asphalt and site concrete construction for more than 2,500 customers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Manassas, Virginia-based organization employs over 200 people while operating a fleet containing 60 flatbeds and tractor-trailers. In addition, the company also manages more than 50 pieces of construction and heavy equipment like milling machines, pavers, rollers, and skid steers. The entire fleet is maintained by four mechanics, a fleet manager, and a maintenance coordinator.

Staying on top of routine maintenance and quickly performing unexpected repairs is key for any company dedicated to satisfying customers. Yet, the company’s existing, paper-based fleet maintenance system was antiquated. In order to improve uptime, the situation required a complete overhaul.

What they really needed was a complete industrial internet of things (IIoT) solution that combined asset trackingand telematics data from their vehicles with a comprehensive CMMS.


Brothers Paving & Concrete simultaneously implemented MPulse Software’s cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and NexTraq GPS fleet management. When combined, the MPulse-NexTraq IIoT solution empowered the company to plan, schedule, track and report the maintenance of every vehicle in their fleet, as well as major capital assets in construction, manufacturing, and facilities environments.

It soon became apparent that NexTraq was the perfect sensor solution to capture the vehicle data MPulse needed in real-time through its DataLink Integration Adapter IIoT solution—an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that is both comprehensive and easy to use.


Integrating MPulse and NexTraq proved to be a simple, smooth process. In fact, the entire integration was completed within 30 days. Today, the company benefits from real-time alerts when maintenance or repairs are due and the detailed historical records covering all readings NexTraq has pulled from vehicles and assets. This has allowed managers to understand normal and out-of-range readings. A basis of comparison between assets of similar types is also available.

The integration of MPulse and NexTraq via the DataLink Integration Adapter has changed the way Brothers Paving & Concrete managed their maintenance operations—from work orders to service requests to inventory. Plus, the business intelligence the company gathers from the MPulse and NexTraq integration holds a great deal of value for future growth.

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About MPulse Maintenance Software:

MPulse’s world-class solutions provide reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for equipment and facilities maintenance organizations. With their easy-to-use CMMS software, MPulse customers reduce maintenance expenses, minimize downtime, extend equipment life, and boost productivity throughout their organization. To learn more, please visit their website:

“We are excited about our partnership with MPulse and NexTraq and how it’s improved our fleet management processes. Own the process. Own the outcome.”

Paul Battista
Founder and CEO
Brothers Paving & Concrete