123Net Strengthens Industry Competitiveness and Improves Driver Safety with NexTraq®

Michigan-based enterprise data center, network and voice services provider strengthens industry competitiveness by streamlining fleet efficiency and improving driver safety with NexTraq.


As 123NET rapidly expanded its fleet to manage new service offerings, the company needed a cost-effective fleet management solution and driver safety program, as well as a vendor that shared their dedication to outstanding customer service.


  • NexTraq® View™ for Fleet Managers
  • NexTraq® Connect™
  • NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard


  • Increased Fleet Efficiency
  • Improved Fleet Safety
  • Increased Cost Savings
  • Improved Competitive Advantage


123NET’s focus on rapid delivery and reliable redundancy has enabled the company to prosper. It has evolved from its early days as a dial-up internet service to today’s high-end data center, network and voice services provider. Now the company serves Michigan businesses with more than 1,600 fiber-lit buildings and 4,300 miles of fiber—which is continually expanding.

That evolution led to a systematic expansion of 123NET’s fleet, which now includes more than 80 vehicles. To manage this growth, the company began looking for a cost-effective telematics solution and driver safety program, as well as a vendor that shared their dedication to outstanding customer service.


123NET needed a fleet management provider with an easy-to-use system that was in budget and would get the job done. After extensive research, 123NET chose NexTraq®—a MICHELIN® group company—for its affordable and reliable vehicle and asset tracking, real-time insights, comprehensive reporting, driver safety training, cost savings, and regulatory compliance.

“There were less expensive options, but they didn’t have the full feature set that we wanted,” said Chuck Irvin, 123NET’s Director of Network Development. “It’s like buying a car—you can spend less money, but does the vehicle meet your needs? From a value standpoint, NexTraq hits the sweet spot. It is easy to use, has the features we want, and offers the right support.”


123NET has experienced numerous benefits from NexTraq, including some they didn’t foresee. One of the biggest factors was the exceptional customer support provided by the NexTraq support team, particularly the relationship they developed with their NexTraq account manager.

“The NexTraq team is great. They answer my questions when I need them answered,” said Dan Barum, 123NET Fleet Manager. “I can track the vehicles when I want. I like the reports. I just like everything about NexTraq.”

NexTraq also provided the following benefits.

Customer service
As a service provider, 123NET knows their drivers and vehicles are ambassadors for their company—and one of the most visible aspects of their services. NexTraq® View™ for Fleet Managers enabled the company to respond faster during service interruptions by quickly locating the closest vehicles.

“Our competitors have more resources, yet when a fiber line is cut, our team gets there first and finishes first,” Irvin explained. “NexTraq helps us compete against larger companies by being nimbler and more strategic.”

Safe driving practices
Safety is the highest priority at 123NET. The company describes their philosophy as SQE—safety, quality, efficiency.

“Safety is first on that list for a reason,” Irvin said.

NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard enabled 123NET to improve safety and mitigate organizational risk by lowering the accident rate, reducing the number of tickets received by their drivers, improving compliance, and strengthening driver safety coaching.

“I get a report every night, so I know who to talk to,” Barum explained. “They’re driving much better than they used to. That’s helped me a lot, and it’s definitely one thing I like most about NexTraq.”

Cost savings
NexTraq also helped 123NET save costs by reducing vehicle idle time, as well as cutting both replacement and repair costs.
“We’ve invested $3 million in our fleet so far, plus around $450,000/year for maintenance and repair, fuel, etc.,” Irvin said. “If we can shave just 10% off those numbers, that makes an impact.”

Competitive advantage
Over the course of its 25-year growth, 123NET has been able to retain a competitive edge by being the first to arrive at businesses experiencing fiber or network issues.

“We’re competing against industry titans with big budgets,” Irvin explained. “We’re the guerrilla forces against the established army. We must be smarter to beat them. NexTraq enables us to compete against much larger companies and do battle with them.”

Marketing data
One unforeseen benefit was NexTraq also provided data to help the 123NET marketing team target their location-based advertising.

“We could identify where our trucks had been recently, and reinforce our brand awareness by targeting those areas,” Irvin explained. “That was an unexpected bonus.”

Irvin believes 123NET will continue its expansion as new technology emerges and demand grows. With the help of NexTraq, he sees 123NET strengthening its competitive position in the industry and continuing to provide Michigan businesses with exceptional customer service.

“We’ve grown every year, and we’re going to keep growing and keep employing more Michiganders,” Irvin said. “NexTraq is helping us do that.”

About 123NET:

Established in 1995, 123NET is a Michigan-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on building networks and equipping businesses with the industry-leading data center, network and voice services. Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies along with thousands of communities and businesses across Michigan trust 123NET to provide world-class connectivity. Home to the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), 123NET operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others.

Building network to make Michigan communities and business the best connected on the planet.

“NexTraq helps us compete against larger companies by being nimbler and more strategic.”

Chuck Irvin
Director of Network Development