4 Driver Awareness Keys to a Safer Fleet

Since 2000, NexTraq has assisted our customers in helping them make their fleets safe.

Just like anything else you do for your job, having the proper tools can make all the difference in the world.

The same can be said for improving the driving behaviors of your employees.

As a NexTraq customer, you don’t have to guess who needs help behind the wheel. That’s because you have access to a full portfolio of assets to start changing the way you encourage driver safety for your team.

Here are four keys to a safer fleet—and the NexTraq tools to help you get the job done.


  1. Know who is driving specific vehicles.

While most companies assign specific vehicles to individual drivers, many company vehicles are driven by different employees throughout the week. When your drivers are aware that you know who’s behind the wheel of your vehicles at any given time, they’re more likely to drive more safely.

SOLUTION: NexTraq® Automatic Driver Assignment™


  1. Install in-vehicle buzzers to alert drivers in real-time.

Regardless of how many hours you spend training your drivers, chances are they’ll make mistakes from time to time. Since you can’t always be in the vehicle with them, the next closest thing is installing an in-vehicle buzzer to enhance driver awareness and let them know when to correct their driving behavior. A one-second beep will remind your drivers to take it easy when accelerating, braking, or taking corners.

SOLUTION: NexTraq® Driver Awareness™


  1. Stay on top of your drivers’ performance.

As a NexTraq customer, you have access to one of the most important tools available to fleet managers, supervisors, and drivers. By scoring an employee’s driving habits, you can reward your better drivers and encourage not-so-great drivers to shape up with more training. Another popular use of driver performance data is to have a competition with recognition for the safest driver given out monthly, quarterly, or annually.

SOLUTION: NexTraq® Driver Safety Scorecard™


  1. Provide access to comprehensive, online driver training courses.

With the NexTraq Driver Safety Scorecard in hand, fleet managers have the tool they need to not only know who needs help but also what area of their driving skills needs improvement. Plus, with actual statistics to show your drivers, there’s no doubt to your justification for enrolling your team in more driving courses. You’ll also have access to test scores to make sure your drivers are taking the courses seriously.

SOLUTION: NexTraq® Driver Training™


Let’s talk about how NexTraq can help you improve driver safety. Contact us to see how easy it is to use our Driver Safety tools today.