4 popular benefits of NexTraq® Job Schedule Board

See how NexTraq® customers are taking daily planning to the next level.

For thousands of NexTraq customers, Job Schedule Board is one of the most powerful features in their daily toolkit.

Here are four popular benefits of Job Schedule Board:

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling: Planning the workday is fast and simple. Job Schedule Board’s intuitive user interface helps managers gain more time to concentrate on tasks that help grow their business.
  • Seamless dispatching and routing: Send job details and optimized routes directly to your team’s Garmin® devices or to the NexTraq® Connect™ app on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Employee visibility and real-time job status: Assessing how teams are progressing in real time allows managers more flexibility to take advantage of other opportunities throughout the day.
  • Vehicle-to-team assignments: Setting up the right team with the right vehicle helps save businesses time and money. Customers benefit with simplified vehicle assignments, ensuring the right tools and equipment are available where they’re needed most.

If you’re not taking advantage of Job Schedule Board, start using it today!