Intro to Map Layers: Traffic, Doppler Radar, and Weather

Track weather and traffic in real time. Keep drivers prepared.

Are you interested in seeing traffic conditions your drivers are facing?

What about which direction a rainstorm is traveling to better navigate your crew that works outdoors?

With NexTraq®, our customers receive access to these capabilities—and more—in real time.

The traffic, Doppler radar, and weather map layers are game-changing features that help better prepare your drivers for the job ahead.

  • How are things moving on the roads?
    Know what your team is dealing with on the roads with the traffic layer. That way, you can better inform customers when to expect your team or why they may be running behind schedule.
  • Does your team work outside?
    This layer is popular with our construction and landscape customers. If cordless equipment will be in use or excavation is scheduled, you can send your crew where conditions are more favorable.
  • What’s the temperature out there?
    Turn on the Weather layer to see how hot or cold it is in real time. It’s a quick way to know if extreme temperatures could impact the workday.

Map layers from NexTraq help minimize delays in operation due to unforeseen traffic or weather conditions—and this insight could be the key to better productivity for your company.

Let’s talk about how traffic, Doppler radar, and weather map layers from NexTraq can make a difference for your business.