Airline and Hospitality Industry

My name is Steve Antonio. I’m the Senior Vice President of Operations for Airline and Hospitality Industry.

We do lots of business in the airline industry and the hospitality industry. We have, at any point in time, about 140 vehicles on the road. We help people make travel easier by handling their luggage for them from point A to point B so they can travel basically luggage-free.

NexTraq helps me be organized. It lets me know where everybody is at all times. It gives me a breadcrumb trail.

The metrics NexTraq provides in things such as Speeding Alerts, Braking Alerts, Cornering Alerts, Acceleration Alerts, Driver Scorecard—it’s just amazing information to ensure we’re being safe and we’re doing our due diligence so that no one is injured.

Then, it becomes a coaching opportunity—to get better. So we’ll have that conversation with the driver: “Hey man. I got this alert that you’ve been speeding a little bit.” The way we approach it is we want to help you as a driver. At the end of your shift, we want you to go home. We want you to be safe. We want you to go home and spend time with your family and enjoy the important things in life.

NexTraq helps us get that done.

NexTraq by far is the vendor that showed us really truly what we needed and what they would provide to make our business work the way we need it to work.