Emergency Mobile Healthcare

O’Neil Ellis: Hello. I’m O’Neil Ellis. I’m the executive director of Emergency Mobile Healthcare.

We provide emergency and non-emergency ambulance service to Shelby County, Tennessee. It has a population of about one million people.

Larry James: I’m Larry James with Emergency Mobile Healthcare out of Memphis, Tennessee. We have an operating fleet of 33 ambulances and a total of 44 units.

O’Neil Ellis: NexTraq helps us because of the safety concerns that we have with our drivers, making sure that they’re safe on the road responding to the emergency and non-emergency calls that we may have.

There’s an advanced EMT and a paramedic on every truck. Those two people are responsible for making sure that the patient gets the care they need and transportation to the hospital.

NexTraq lets me know where my units are. The closest unit to wherever the emergency or transfer may be—or the patient that needs to be moved to another facility. NexTraq lets me know where these trucks are so we can send the closest truck to the call.

Larry James: We have developed a good rapport with all of our key people at NexTraq, all the way from the top down. We hope to keep that established.