T&W Tire

I’m Eric Jensen. I’m the Safety and Compliance Manager at T&W Tire.

Alexander: I’m Alexander Pinzon. I’m the Safety and D.O.T. Compliance Coordinator.

Eric: T&W Tire is a Michelin® dealer for commercial truck tires, OTR tires, and passenger and light truck tires. We operate through Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana.

We’ve been with NexTraq for just about three years.

My mission in the company is largely regulatory compliance. Alexander has come in and became the lead on D.O.T. compliance with the tie in with electronic logging devices (ELDs) and the tracking we were already doing with just GPS units through NexTraq.

Alexander: What I’m doing now is make sure every single driver is following every single step.

Eric: So, we want to be able to maintain how they spend their time and what they’re doing with our vehicles. But at the same time that whole risk management in terms of safety and driving behaviors. That’s really what we needed NexTraq for.

We use the reporting functions. It’s something we’ve set up weekly basis so that we’re communicating out to the different locations that we have, how they’re performing, both within the group of their particular location with their drivers. And we do a cross-company comparison by location. It goes out to everyone so that there’s some internal competition there.

It’s one of those things that as we develop our safe driving program we’re going to rely heavily on all of that tracking and information we get to be able to analyze where our problems are and where we can improve.

It’s a tool that we’re going to put to even better use with time.