Top 3 features of NexTraq® Connect™

Here’s how NexTraq customers are getting even more from their vehicles, drivers, and teams.

Want to get even more from your fleet?

NexTraq® subscribers are using NexTraq® Connect™ to improve communications between managers at the office, drivers on the road and crews in the field.

Here are the three most popular features of NexTraq Connect:

  • Time & Attendance: Turn your employees’ smartphones and tablets into time clocks. Many NexTraq customers tell us the Time & Attendance feature helps them save on labor costs, get more jobs done, and reduce overhead.
  • Job Information & Schedules: Give your team the job details and information they need to get the job done—and improve customer satisfaction. NexTraq subscribers say this feature helps make sure their teams show up with the right tools and materials.
  • Vehicle Information: Keep your vehicles performing at their best. When you know what’s going on with your fleet, your team can get more jobs done. NexTraq subscribers use the mobile app to select specific vehicle for projects, monitor vehicle maintenance, and report problems.

Staying in touch with your team throughout the day is the most important part of effective mobile workforce management.

If you’re not using NexTraq Connect, have your team download it today. Click here.