Acres Group Recovers More than $30,000 in Stolen Assets with NexTraq®

Acres Group Recovers More than $30,000 in Stolen Assets with NexTraq®


Having originally purchased a fleet tracking solution that didn’t meet their needs, Acres Group needed a robust GPS vehicle tracking solution that could provide reporting and alerts functionality.


  • NexTraq® Asset Tracking
  • NexTraq® Fleet Tracking
  • NexTraq® Geofencing & Mapping
  • NexTraq® Real-Time Alerts


  • Recovered more than $30,000 in stolen assets
  • Decreased driver speeding by 92 percent
  • Reduced fleet fuel costs


Established in 1983, Acres Group, a premier professional landscaping company with three offices and nurseries located in Illinois, needed a complete GPS fleet tracking solution to accurately monitor their vehicles. Jeff Dumas, Vice President of Acres Group North, said, “We originally had a low cost solution that didn’t provide enough functionality for our company. Because we lease space for our trucks throughout our market area, it was important to track vehicle movement at a moment’s notice.”


Dumas decided to implement the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution due to its ease of use and additional capabilities, including its reporting and alerts features. Dumas, said, “The sales and implementation process for more than 300 vehicles went extremely well.”


Since implementing the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution, Dumas was able to recover $30,000 worth of equipment and vehicles on more than one occasion. Dumas said, “Through the alert functionality within the NexTraq solution, I receive a text message if any vehicle in our fleet moves before 5 a.m. In fact, I was able to use NexTraq to notify the police that a theft had occurred. One of our managers was watching the vehicles’ movement on the NexTraq solution and was able to guide the police to the vehicle in time to arrest the thieves.”

Additionally, Dumas cites the Idle Report as a powerful tool to decrease fuel costs across his fleet.

Upon implementation of NexTraq, the Speed Alert feature let Acres know that a small percentage of drivers were exceeding posted limits at some point during the day. With the NexTraq solution, Acres managers receive messages notifying them if an employee is speeding. After a couple of weeks the speed alerts were reduced by 92 percent.

Acres Group has also implemented NexTraq Fleet Dispatch on several vehicles for easy communication between the office and its drivers. With the ability to reduce operational costs, Acres Group can pass those savings on to the customer. Its core corporate tenet, “commitment to excellence for knowledge and customer service,” will keep the Acres Group moving forward for years to come.

About Acres Group:

Established in 1983, family-owned Acres Group has been providing premium quality landscape maintenance, landscape installation, customer design build projects and snow removal services for more than 25 years. With three offices and two nurseries providing service to all of Chicagoland, Acres has a motivated staff of certified horticultural professionals trained for all types of landscaping work. For more information on Acres Group, please visit

“By using the Speed Alert functionality within the solution, we have reduced speed by 92 percent.”

Jeff Dumas
Vice President of Acres Group North