Critical Power Solutions Recovers 15 Percent of Revenue with NexTraq® Fleet Tracking

Preventive maintenance service company uses alerts functionality to accurately track technicians’ time on the job.


Critical Power Solutions needed a GPS fleet tracking solution to accurately bill a large client and to help keep technicians safe in remote areas.


  • Recovered 15 percent of revenue through accurate billing
  • Improved driver safety
  • Validated technicians’ locations with NexTraq® Fleet Dispatch


Established in 2007, Critical Power Solutions offers a niche service – preventive maintenance service for emergency power equipment including generators and battery systems. One of their clients, a large wireless mobility provider, had more than 200 job sites that needed service on a routine basis. The towers were often located in remote locations with one technician going out to a remote area alone. To accurately track the number of jobs completed as well as keep its technicians safe, Critical Power Solutions decided to implement a GPS fleet vehicle tracking solution.


After doing some Internet research, Jason Madler, Owner of Critical Power Solutions, selected the NexTraq® GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking solution. Madler said, “The NexTraq solution was affordable and had all the functionality I was looking for while being extremely user-friendly.” Madler installed the devices and insists ramp-up time was quick. “We didn’t have any formal training because the solution was easy to learn.”


One of the biggest benefits of the NexTraq GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking solution was the ability to bill clients down to the minute. Madler said, “Before implementing the NexTraq solution, I estimated that we were losing 15 percent of revenue due to inaccurate billing.” So, how did he fix this?

Madler created arrival and departure alerts for the 200 job sites. He could then review the data in the system and report to his client the exact time spent on the job. Madler adds, “It is also helpful with job validation as we could prove technicians were at a site when they were supposed to be.”

He also used the Detailed Activity Report to accurately bill his client mileage expenses. Besides increasing revenue, Madler implemented the NexTraq Fleet Dispatch™ application along with in-vehicle Garmin® devices to improve technician safety when driving to remote areas.

The NexTraq solution proved beneficial in surprising uses as well. Madler said, “We had a flood in southern Illinois and a generator was halfway underwater. With NexTraq’s satellite view, I was able to show the client the exact condition of the generator and that the technician couldn’t service it in its current condition.”

Madler states that NexTraq customer service has been great and they have experienced no downtime with the cloud-based application. “We love this product. It works exactly the way it is supposed to,” concludes Madler.

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About Critical Power Solutions:

Based in Chatham, IL, Critical Power Solutions provides preventative maintenance service for emergency power equipment, such as generators, battery systems, and HVAC. They provide niche services for clients that need highly trained technicians.

“Before implementing the NexTraq solution, I estimated that we were losing 15 percent of revenue due to inaccurate billing.”

Jason Madler
Critical Power Solutions